exclusive to your home, office or hotel

8 ONE 8 Yoga — based on the idea that our members deserve a yoga experience free from constraints like time, location and inflexibility.  We concentrate on YOU, with a yoga experience that is customized and catered to your needs, schedule and ability.  Our private yoga sessions allow you to reduce stress and improve concentration compared to typical large classes because the focus is on you, and only you or your small group — [Private doesn’t have to mean solo.  You are more than welcome to bring a few friends to make the experience intimate, but shared].  We want to take you on a journey through yoga, and that means avoiding anything that stands in the way including long travel times to inconvenient class locations at static times.  We meet when and where you want — even if that changes each week.



exclusive to your home, office or hotel

Whether you’re seeking a complement to your exercise routine, a deep tissue massage to relieve aches and pain, or simply a way to relax your mind, our massage specialists listen to your needs and create a personalized massage experience right in the comfort of your home  Our massage therapist envisions a completely different massage experience — an experience centered around you — Enjoy a relaxing massage in the comfort of your home, hotel room or office.  Go nowhere, do nothing….  Just relax and enjoy!

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