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Now that the kids are back to school (if you haven’t already, jump for joy, we’ll wait), it is time for you to get your fitness routine back on track!

We are on a mission to help you get fit, become more self-confident, and celebrate being the best version of yourself!

This 21-Day Shred is designed to get results and set you on a path towards long-term, lasting success. It’s not difficult to follow, but you will need to make some adjustments in your lifestyle. Exercise and proper nutrition play a major role in your success. In three short weeks you’ll be on your way to looking and feeling your best in time for this year’s warm weather! We’ll supply you with nutrition guidance, workouts, and fitness tips each week. It’s time to slim down, tone up, and feel amazing! Are you ready? Great! Let’s get started!


Who is it for?

The Jumpstart 21-Day Shred is for anyone! That’s the best part! Our 21 day program is designed to help you build lean muscle while stripping away stubborn fat! Whether you are a beginner and have never picked up a weight before, or you are a seasoned gym-goer who has hit a plateau and just looking for a challenging change of pace, we believe this program will put you on the fast track to new results and a new you! With 6 one-on-one training sessions from our experienced trainers, you will get the push and motivation you need, but more importantly, you will get an education – learning proper technique, tempo, and purpose for each exercise. So, again, this program is for ANYONE — it can be adjusted and tailored to each members individual needs! Still have some questions before pulling the trigger? Not to worry! Just give us a call or contact us here — we are here to answer any questions and will be with you every step of the way!


What’s Included:

  • 3 weeks of personal training
  • A 21 day Custom Training program, including cardio and weight lifting. (emailed to you in an easy to follow PDF)
  • •Nutrition 101
  1. Jumpstart 21 Weekly Adherence Sheet
  2. Jumpstart 21 Five Habits Cheat Sheet
  3. Jumpstart 21 Sample Grocery List
  4. Jumpstart 21 Sample Day Meals Sheet
  • Access to a private Facebook group with articles, tips, and a community of support.





At 8 ONE 8 we provide personal training that is just that — personal.  No two people are exactly the same and therefore, you should not be trained the same.  We do not offer a “one size fits all” approach.  We take the time to get to know you and create an experience that is as unique as you are.  When you become a member, you have a choice to train in the privacy of your own home or in our private studio.


Allow us to simplify your life.  No more commuting to an overcrowded gym.  No more trying to figure out what to do with the kids while you are at the gym — With our mobile training services, you can stay home and your kids can be right here “working out” beside you or napping peacefully in their room.  It’s time to enjoy the ultimate luxury and convenience, and let the gym come to you! At 8 ONE 8 we are all about service and convenience, so don’t worry about your current equipment selection, either.  Your trainer will bring along exactly what he/she needs to give you the best workout possible.



Enjoy the areas only truly private personal training studio.  When you opt to train in our ultra-convenient East Village studio, you will enjoy 60 minutes that are all about you.  We have eliminated all of the distractions of a typical gym or personal training studio — no more waiting to use equipment, no judgmental looks, no competing for your trainers’ attention.  In our studio, it is just you and your trainer, allowing for the ultimate training experience.  If you want to get the most out of your personal training program, our studio at 1105 Christie is the place for you.

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