Exercise is only one aspect of your complete fitness program. Our Certified Nutrition Consultant will help you develop a nutrition plan that is realistic and attainable, and catered specifically to your goals and needs. Not only will we develop a proper plan, but more importantly, we will educate you on the concepts of what to eat, why to eat it, when to eat , etc. so that it becomes a part of your new lifestyle. The choice of foods, portion size and meal timing play a vital role in how your body performs. And, EVERY body is different! So rather than a one size fits all approach or “DIET”, we provide you with a custom NUTRITION program so that you are not only able to reach your personal health and fitness goals — but, more importantly, SUSTAIN them!

No more fad diets or quick fixes. No low-carb or extreme calorie restricted diets. Just real people, real food, and real (lasting) results. It is about creating a new lifestyle of eating well and feeling well.

Nutrition programs can be added to any personal training package, or purchased a la carte, without personal training.

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