We are not a gym.  We are not a get-lost-in-the-crowd, large group class. We are not Crossfit. We are not the norm!  We’re mixing up the typical gym routine and your expectations with a variety of movement, music, thoughtful coaching, and honest vibes to help reconnect minds and bodies. Our studio and philosophy is designed to be simple, and our training and teaching is designed to energize, inspire, and get results at all levels.


As a member, you can expect to experience a whole new side of fitness and personal care.  Here is just a short list of what you can expect to gain by being a member:

THE LUXURY OF ENJOYMENT.  With this kind of royal treatment and personal attention, health and fitness really is a luxury experience.

THE LUXURY OF PERSONALIZATION.  Our fitness and nutrition plans are designed for YOUR body and YOUR goals, customized just for you by our expert training team members.

THE LUXURY OF CHOICE.  Anywhere that you are, we can be.  Our trainers, yoga instructors, and therapists will meet you at your most convenient location, whether it’s home, work or at our private fitness studio.  The choice is always yours.

THE LUXURY OF PRIVACY.  A large part of feeling relaxed and comfortable is your environment, and private, one on one training is the ultimate luxury when compared with the chaotic atmosphere, lines, and overcrowding of a gym or fitness club.

THE LUXURY OF TIME.  With training that comes to you, equipment that comes to you, and fitness plans built for you, enjoy having more time back to yourself.




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