Semi-private Training Now Available At 8 One 8!

SEMI PRIVATE TRAINING [NOW AVAILABLE!] 8 ONE 8 Semi-Private Training is a one-of-a-kind blend competitive motivation, camaraderie and personalized coaching that will allow you to make real, sustainable improvements to your body and your life. Our fast, fun, customized sessions

Jumpstart 21-day Lifestyle Reboot

**SPECIAL OFFER** JUMPSTART 21 DAY LIFESTYLE [RE]BOOT Normally $399, on sale NOW for $199 (Only 5 spots left at this price!) What is Jumpstart 21? Jump Start 21 is an invitation to run to, confront, and overcome the things that are stopping you

4 Ways Being A Perfectionist Can Slow Your Progress

Are you a perfectionist? Perfectionism is often viewed as a necessary trait for all uber-motivated gym-goers and the super fit. But I’d argue that somewhere along the line we got perfectionism confused with determination. Let me say that last part

Skip The Gym! We Will Come To You!

Tired of driving to the gym every day?  Tired of the hassle of toting kids along, or to a sitter? Tired of the overcrowding and having to wait to use the equipment you want to use because someone else is