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Line Up Your 2019 Plan

If you are going to set a New Year’s [real]SOLUTION, make sure you lay it out properly beforehand. Writing down and planning for your goals will make you more likely to achieve them, so that’s the first place to start.

Will A New Year Bring A New You? With These Tips It Might!

It’s that time of year again.  Holiday parties, family gatherings, random get-togethers.  We all gorge on insane amounts of food (well, at least it seems like it, huh?) and booze.  We make it to the gym less and less or

8 Ways To Amp Up Your Bodyweight Workout.

You’ve got squats down, you can lunge with the best of them, your push-ups are on point, and you’re a burpee pro. Bodyweight exercises are amazing at keeping you fit, but you may find that you need to level-up in order to continue to see

Our Formula For Fat Loss? Keep It Simple!

Too often, metabolic circuits are little more than a mess of randomly paired movements. In this article we outline a formula for a great fat-loss workout that will test your limits while providing results! * At 8 ONE 8, we