8 ONE 8 Semi-Private Training is a one-of-a-kind blend competitive motivation, camaraderie and personalized coaching that will allow you to make real, sustainable improvements to your body and your life. Our fast, fun, customized sessions give you lasting results

At 8 ONE 8, it’s about challenging each other, loving each other, working hard, taking chances, and being surrounded with good people.

With a community of like minded individuals ready to help drive you our semi-private training creates excitement and motivates to produce maximum results.

Be challenged. Get sweaty. Have fun.


Who is semi-private training for?

Anyone wanting personalized training, but on a budget or someone wanting the attention of one-on-one training but the camaraderie of group classes. At a fraction of the cost of our personal training, you’ll work out in small groups of up to four people.

In our semi-private training program, you can be paired with other members based on the class time you choose or you can even create your own private group session with two or three friends and pick a time for your group to meet!

How Our Semi-Private Training Program Works

We’ll start your semi-private training with a trainer-conducted, 60-minute consultation and fitness assessment. Our trainer team will tailor our personalized training program for you based on your test results and fitness goals.

As you continue to train with us, our trainers will monitor your progress. We’ll reassess your personalized training program every six to eight weeks and update it as needed.

Schedule Your Assessment Today

If you’re ready to begin training with us, we invite you to schedule your assessment. Please fill out our contact form and provide information about your health and training experience in the comments section. You can also call our team directly at 563-505-1079 to schedule your consultation.

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