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5 Problems with Rapid Fat Loss & Quick Fixes and What You Should Do Instead

THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!! Fast fat loss and other promises of quick-fixes for building a better body. And it makes total sense.


Check out these two “headlines”  Which one is most appealing?

•You can lose 10 pounds of ugly, unwanted body fat in only 7 days!


•Lose 10 pounds of body fat in 10 weeks and keep it off long-term!


The first headline — lose 10 pounds in only 7 days — tugs at your heart strings and promises an immediate solution.

The second headline — lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks — not as exciting or sexy, right? I mean come on; only lose one frickin’ pound per week? Pffft. That’s nothing. Why wait 10 weeks when you can follow the first approach and lose it in only 7 days?

The possibility, heck, the GUARANTEE of losing 10 lbs in a week is WAAAAAY more exciting!  We want to see the rewards for our efforts as soon as possible.  We have all been programmed to want immediate results.

I want muscles now

So, that begs the question – What’s Wrong with Quick-Fixes and Rapid Fat Loss?

So many things, actually.

It is extremely rare that I would ever recommend a quick-fix or rapid fat loss solution.

Here is why:


1) More often than not, the method required to achieve drastic, immediate results can’t be sustained long-term.  The methods simply are not maintainable for most lifestyles.

What this means is the you probably will achieve results if you follow the plan, but most won’t be able to maintain the training style or results long-term. Stop trying to do it all at once!  At some point, even with the best of intentions, you stop the diet/program and then regain the weight back because the training regimen was too impractical.

This applies to many (if not all) diets and “hardcore” fitness programs that promise rapid transformation and require, in some cases, 1-2 hours of gym time per day, most days per week.

I know plenty of people who have achieved amazing, almost unbelievable, results while following such programs, but once they discontinue it, they find themselves right back where they started…or in worse condition.

And this, folks, is the beginning of a vicious cycle. Let me explain:

Go on a new diet / exercise plan -> Lose some weight (yay!) -> Realize the diet is too strict or the training plan is too tough -> Give up -> Regain lost fat, and then some -> Experience guilt from “failing” ->  Fall further into a funk, eating – whatever, working out – never, because, I mean, what’s the point anyway -> Experience MORE guilt ->  Go on a NEW diet/training plan . . . repeat the whole thing over again. And again. And, again…see where I am going with this?!?

If you are tired of this seemingly endless cycle, CONTACT US today! We will help you get results that last!


This leads me to #2:


2) The plan is too stressful and complicated, so you give up almost immediately.

This leaves the you feeling like a total failure since you couldn’t adhere to the program. While some people can stick to a rigid diet or workout program for a few weeks or even months, some even longer,  MOST abandon the routine after only a couple of weeks, if not sooner.

I’m sure you’ve had friends who started a new diet or workout program and quickly gave up, or maybe you’ve experienced this personally. Asking people to do something drastically different than what they’re currently doing is a recipe for disaster. Key word being, “drastically.” Change is good. And some people may need/want a lifestyle overhaul, but it should be done over time, not in a matter of months, or worse yet, weeks.

It’s not practical to ask someone who doesn’t eat very well to follow a rigid eating plan combined with other “rules”, meal combinations, and other guidelines and a new intense, overcomplicated training plan. Check out how this all or nothing approach can lead to failure.

It is also not realistic to expect a busy individual to work out every single day of the week, multiple times per day, at a crazy high intensity.

Don’t get me wrong.  Most people begin these programs/diets with the best of intentions. They’re motivated and determined to finally lose the excess fat they’ve accumulated.  They are willing to do WHATEVER it takes…except PUT IN THE TIME necessary to achieve the desired results in a safe, lasting way.  Patience and dedication to the process are SO important.  And, when their life revolves around a super intense program and the stress becomes too much, they quit.

Now, they (you) are left thinking, “Great, I’ve failed again. I’ll never lose the weight.”

They’re left discouraged, frustrated, and believing that building a better looking and healthier body is way too complicated (but it’s really not) and something they’ll never accomplish.

Is your plan too complicated or advanced? Here is how to tell.

To have a plan that is custom tailored to your specific goals and needs, CONTACT ONE OF OUR TRAINERS TODAY and schedule a complimentary consultation!


3) You always expect and refuse to settle for anything less than immediate results

immediate results

Thank you pretty much every online fitness guru and fitness celebrity! If you didn’t read that last sentence with extreme sarcasm, please go back and read it again…I will wait.  When scrolling any of the social media platforms, you are no doubt, inundated with promises of rapid weightloss programs or nutrition plans. You know the ones – “Lose 30 pounds in 30 days!” Or, “Get a 6 pack in just 6 minutes a day!” The list goes on and on, but I think you get the point.

Let’s just assume that any or even ALL of those claims hold up and you are able to see the promised results. What happens next? What happens upon completion of any of those magical programs? Well, most of the time, the participant finds out how difficult, or even impossible, it is to maintain or continue to see such results. Then comes the frustration, anger, and feeling like a failure.

Rapid fat loss programs or quick-fixes get you addicted to very noticeable, drastic results to the point that you expect and accept nothing less.

You end up frustrated and disappointed when you should be celebrating every victory, no matter how seemingly small.

This is just one reason I encourage you to stay off the scale.

If you are ready to start celebrating some victories, SCHEDULE A COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION with us today to learn how we can help!


4) Don’t teach you how to achieve and maintain results long-term

This is critical. Because most quick-fix programs are very rigid, this teaches you nothing about building and maintaining lifelong habits.  You are simply checking off exercises as you complete them like it is nothing more than a “to-do list.”

My job as a trainer and coach is to help guide my members in developing a lifestyle they can sustain long-term. Our philosophy at 8 ONE 8 is designed to be simple, yet effective, and our training and teaching is designed to energize, inspire, and get LONG TERM, LASTING results at all levels.



5) Can lead to obsessive compulsive or disordered eating habits

diet meme

This tends to be the case with rapid fat loss diets and programs.  What you will find with these programs is usually a severe caloric deficit, strictly limiting or eliminating certain food groups, and other rigid rules that must be followed.  Forget the rigid meal planning!

These strict nutrition rules, and especially the elimination of certain foods and food groups, is a recipe for disaster for a lot of people (including me).   It is so hard to follow these “diet” plans without wavering, that if you slip (and most will, a time or two) you find it very difficult to get back on track. If you are able to overcome a slip, you may overcompensate and self-impose even more restrictive (dangerous) eating habits to “get back on track.” This is the kind of destructive pattern that can eventually lead to obsessive compulsive or disordered eating habits.  We recommend a more well-rounded solution to improving your eating habits.

It’s time to ditch-quick fix diets, break free from binge eating, and be rid of obsessive eating habits for good… If you want to know more, take a look at flexible-dieting, here.


Ditch Quick-Fixes. Do This.

Losing fat. Building muscle. Getting stronger.

It doesn’t matter what your goal may be. I encourage you to ditch the quick-fix mindset.

Check out what our trainer, and nutrition coach, Kate had to say about her fat loss journey and her experience with the “quick-fix” mentality in her article, “Things I Wish I Had Known 5 Years And 70 Lbs Ago!”


So, what now?

Step One — Ditch the quick-fix mindset

Don’t search for some “holy grail” method or strive to achieve your results overnight.

Yes, drastic, immediate results are possible. But as we have outlined, there are plenty of negatives to a quick-fix approach. My advice: Choose the option that will encourage, and assist you in achieving, sustainable, lasting results.



Step Two — Think both short- and long-term

I’m sure the “think short-term” part is confusing since I just told you to ditch the quick-fix mindset, so allow me to clarify. Think short-term in regards to the process itself. Learn to enjoy the journey.

Don’t become obsessed with your goal (e.g. losing 20 pounds of fat, wearing smaller clothes, etc) that you forget about today.

Be proud of everything you accomplish. Whether it’s trying a new, delicious food, going to the gym for a great workout, or saying something kind about your body. Celebrate every victory, no matter how small.

Likewise, you need to think long-term. Your journey to build (and maintain!) the body you want shouldn’t be about “looking great for swimsuit season” and nothing else. Your goal should be to develop sustainable habits that not only allow you to achieve your goal, but maintain it long-term.

Sustainable, lifelong habits will save you a lot of unnecessary stress and frustration that comes from following quick-fix solutions.


Step Three — Keep it simple

Again, it doesn’t matter what goal you have, you should keep everything simple – not to be confused with “easy.”  The process won’t be easy.  You will have to push yourself and step outside your comfort zone.  However, reaching your health, performance, and physique goals doesn’t need to be complicated.

Want to lose fat? Check out 5 Elements of a Successful Fat-Loss Workout.

Focus on the few, important things that will lead you closer to your goals and ignore the minor details.  Focus on the tried and true strategies, movements, and principles that have been proven time and again to garner results.  Remember the saying, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Make one small, easy change at a time if necessary. Master that change, then make another one.

By keeping things simple you’ll continue to make progress, build momentum, and set yourself up for success.


Step Four — I can’t stress this step enough – Accept that the results may come at a slower than expected rate

If you follow a program or adjust your eating habits in a way that’s simple and sustainable, results will most likely come at a much slower rate than if you were to follow a quick fix, rapid fat loss, program – AND THAT IS OK!!

Slower results, are, after all, RESULTS and should NOT discourage you.

This is why I encourage you to have a short-term mindset and enjoy the journey itself. When you’re enjoying the process instead of going through the motions just to achieve the results, you’ll have fun, discover your true potential, learn a lot, and become the best possible version of yourself.

Remember — the goal is not simply to build the body you want, but rather, build it AND be able to sustain it.

Keep things simple.

Be consistent.

Enjoy the journey.


Become the best possible version of yourself.

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