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Ditch The Quick Fix Fitness Programs. Do This Instead!

5 Problems with Rapid Fat Loss & Quick Fixes and What You Should Do Instead THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!! Fast fat loss and other promises of quick-fixes for building a better body. And it makes total sense.   Check out these

Jumpstart 21-day Lifestyle Reboot

**SPECIAL OFFER** JUMPSTART 21 DAY LIFESTYLE [RE]BOOT Normally $399, on sale NOW for $199 (Only 5 spots left at this price!) What is Jumpstart 21? Jump Start 21 is an invitation to run to, confront, and overcome the things that are stopping you

4 Ways Being A Perfectionist Can Slow Your Progress

Are you a perfectionist? Perfectionism is often viewed as a necessary trait for all uber-motivated gym-goers and the super fit. But I’d argue that somewhere along the line we got perfectionism confused with determination. Let me say that last part

Not Enough Time For A Workout? We Beg To Differ!

  The “I Don’t Have Time!” Workout Solution   “I only had 20 minutes so I didn’t have enough time to do my workout!” “There’s no way I can have an effective workout in 20 minutes.”   I have heard