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Tired of driving to the gym every day?  Tired of the hassle of toting kids along, or to a sitter? Tired of the overcrowding and having to wait to use the equipment you want to use because someone else is sitting there texting and taking selfies, wasting YOUR time? Allow us to simplify your life.  No more commuting to an overcrowded gym.  No more trying to figure out what to do with the kids while you are at the gym — With our mobile training services, you can stay home and get a great workout from one of the best trainers in the Quad Cities.  And, if you have kids, they can be right there “working out” beside you or napping peacefully in their room. It’s time to enjoy the ultimate luxury and convenience, and let the gym come to you! At 8 ONE 8 we are all about service and convenience, so don’t worry about your current equipment selection, either.  Your trainer will bring along exactly what is needed to give you the best workout possible.

We would like to welcome you to a revolutionary approach to living a fit and healthy lifestyle, one with luxury at the core. To a world of privacy, personalization, and convenience; one designed with less chaos, less commuting, less stress, and with more time back for your own enjoyment. Welcome to a world where fitness, health, and relaxation come to your doorstep!


As a member, you can expect to experience a whole new side of fitness and personal care. Here’s just a short list of what you can expect to gain:

The Luxury of Time. With training that comes to you, equipment that comes to you, and fitness plans built for you, enjoy having more precious time back to yourself to enjoy.

The Luxury of Choice. Anywhere that you are, we can be. Our trainers, yoga instructors and therapists will meet you at your most convenient location, whether it’s home, work, or at our private fitness studio. The choice is always yours.

The Luxury of Privacy. A large part of feeling relaxed and comfortable is your environment, and private, one on one training is the ultimate luxury when compared with the chaotic atmosphere, lines and locker rooms of a gym or fitness club.

The Luxury of Personalization. Our fitness and nutrition plans are personalized around your body and your health, built just for you by our expert training team members.

The Luxury of Enjoyment. With this kind of royal treatment and personal attention, health and fitness really is a luxury once again.

Welcome to a way of living that finally prioritizes you.

Welcome to a better way. Welcome to 8 ONE 8.


Become a member and chose a new way forward in your life.

We’ll be with you every step of the way.

CLICK HERE or  CALL 563.505.1079 to schedule your complimentary consultation!



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