LIFE HAPPENS – TO ALL OF US (This trainer, included…)

Sometimes I get too busy and my normal exercise routine suffers or is compromised.

Or I don’t feel like eating healthy.

I have bigger priorities than going to the gym.

Some days, I don’t hit my macros and I don’t really care.

I’ve felt fat before even though I’m not.

I’ve felt weak before, although no one would ever tell me I am.

I’ve disliked how I’ve looked and been frustrated by my efforts.

My sleep, well, it could use a lot of work.


What does it all mean?

I’m human. I’m flawed. I have insecurities (even as a guy). And I’m not perfect. And sometimes I’m just really hard on myself because I know I can be better.

But you know what? I no longer let these fleeting moments bother me because I can put them in context and not let them overwhelm me.

We all have bad days. Sometimes we all feel bad about ourselves even when we have NO reason to do so. I wish it never happened, but the way to lessen those tough moments is to create a better context of “health.”

One of the bigger problems in this industry is that we have too many details to worry about that we lose sight of what really matters. We stress over all the small things and in doing so, living a “healthy life” feels like a burden. Because of this we either reject the healthy behaviors or become obsessed to the point that it cannibalizes other areas of our lives. The health and fitness industry, as a whole, has made this an all or nothing feeling for so many people. With social media, magazines, the internet in general, showing flawless physiques and the daunting extremes that one must go through to obtain said physique…it’s no wonder so many “fail.” Here’s the thing, most of you reading this…those of you that go to the gym regularly, try, or have wanted to make fitness a part of your life, are not now, nor will you ever, be approaching fitness for the goal of professional competition, or as a career (fitness model, professional athlete, figure or bodybuilding competitor, etc.). Now, having said that, please understand that I am aware that some of you reading this, may in fact, have those goals or aspirations. That is great and we are proud of you, your hard work and the sacrifices you make for your goals. The efforts you put in are no small feat! However, for the rest of you, understand this – IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE AN ALL OR NOTHING APPROACH. For most, that just simply doesn’t work and is unrealistic.

The end game of health doesn’t mean mastering diet and exercise 100% of the time or making it the only thing you focus on in your life.

It’s realizing that you have three priorities:

1) Be Happy.

2) Make sure the majority of your behaviors are healthy.

3) Create a plan that is sustainable and maintainable long term and doesn’t drive you crazy.

It’s up to you to determine what that looks like to/for you. Whether it’s training 5 days a week and trying to get your “ideal physique” or just being healthy enough to play with your kids and feel good in your own skin. We all have different goals, and therefore, different lifestyles, routines, schedules, etc. Again, this (fitness, wellness) is not a one-size-fits-all approach or an all or nothing kind of thing. Each one of you has to find that balance and has to find what works for you and for what you want to accomplish. STOP focusing on perfection! IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO OBTAIN!! Focus instead, on getting better and performing better every day – realizing however, that some days, you are going to be off your game. Get over it, move on, and get back on track.

Don’t let the bad days crush you. They happen to EVERYONE. And I mean everyone. You’re not alone. You’re not lazy. And you’re not a bad person.

Life happens. Your job isn’t to control it all. It’s to live it and enjoy it.

Less Stress, More Balance…it is a LIFEstyle, afterall.

You want to be healthy? Start by simplifying your approach and making it easier for you to succeed.

Frustrated by the health industry? Me too. That’s why we send out monthly updates to help make sense of all the nonsense. Just click here and I’ll help you live a better, healthier life.

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