What’s your “why”? Can’t answer this question, or maybe you don’t know what I’m asking? If either of those are true – keep reading!

Your “why” is what compels you to get up and go to work each day, to do things you don’t want to, and to face struggles and hardships that are a part of life. Everyone needs some motivation to keep on track, and it has to be a STRONG image. My “why”, my reason for doing what I do every day, is my wife and my son. My “why” is every one of you reading this that I may inspire, and my clients that I am able to work with every day. Everything you do can have its own “why.” So, I ask you, what is your “why?”

If you can’t close your eyes and see your “why” in detail, now is a good time to get clarity. We need to have a vision of the future that is so compelling we can see it as clearly as what is right in front of us.

We all MUST find the one thing, above all else, that motivates us. It MUST be so compelling, so full of conviction and belief that, no matter how many times you fall, it will help you stand back up.

Bottom line – You’ve got to find something WITHIN! It has to be something greater than you!  Be careful to stay away from the superficial – what do I mean by this?  If you are looking for a “why” to pursue a fitness goal, your “why” needs to be more than, “to look better” or “I want that beachbody” – motivators like that, though perhaps true + maybe even somewhat of a driving force, will eventually lose their sizzle.  I encourage you to DIG deeper.  Keep asking yourself why until you can no longer answer…that will be your true “WHY.”  If you are looking for a “why” in your business/work endeavors, again avoid the superficial – you know, the MONEY!  Though as in the previous example, money too, may provide motivation to an extent, but long term, you sure better find something more meaningful…money alone won’t carry you through on your toughest days!  So, let me reiterate, you have to FIND SOMETHING WITHIN!  Find that ONE thing, that no matter the struggle, no matter the hardship and no matter how many times you have fallen, will pick you back up, dust you off, and carry you!  When you find that something, when you find your WHY, you find a way to make IT happen! We must look inside ourselves and realize that we are in charge of our destiny. With a strong enough WHY, we can literally have, be and do ANYTHING we desire.

FIND YOUR WHY! Be great, do great things, and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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